This page is where I post my best animations. Ultimately, most of these are short exercises (pencil tests), mostly digital. If you want a video to loop, right click it and press “loop” in the menu that appears.

This was a test I did in summer 2019 at the start of working on my Senior Thesis. This video shows a process of just how I went about completing the test, as well as how I was aiming to complete my overall thesis, using these certain phases of animation.


This is a walk cycle done with a character design I came up with for my “Art in Motion” Directed Individual Study class. Done digitally with Photoshop and tablet, finished 1/31/19.


This is a character idling animation I started last semester and finished up over winter break (sometime in early January 2019).


This was super fun to do! First time animating a flour sack. Done traditionally and finished 6/24/18.


An animation cycle I did in Photoshop of a girl water bending. (If you don’t know what water bending is, the power exists in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. Basically it is where one can control the water element) Started it before school started in Spring 2018, and finished it up in early summer, on 6/23/18.


This was a walk cycle that I had been working on through the summer while working on other things. After classes ended in the winter, I finally finished it up. Finished 12/14/17.


This pencil test is of a stick figure punching the air, falling towards the ground because the energy has nowhere to go, and then somersaulting. Finished on June 7, 2017.


This is an exercise I did of a simple character, thinking. Finished January 23, 2017.


This was a simple bouncing ball exercise I did in order to practice moving form and keeping volumes. Finished November 17, 2016.


This was a character blinking exercise I did. It was a lot of fun to do, because of all of the detail. Finished October 26, 2016.


This animation exercise was a simple character head turn, with anticipation (one of the principles of animation). Completed August 3, 2016.


This was another animation exercise, a simple head turn. I did it back and forth, so that it would look better while looping. Finished July 2, 2016.


This was an exercise I did of a “brick” falling off a simple shelf. Finished June 18, 2016.


This animation is of a simple ball bouncing across the screen. I did this to practice one of the principles of animation, “squash and stretch”. Completed June 15, 2016.